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Belt Holders For Closet | The Smartest Way To Organize
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​Belt Holders For Closet

​Belt Holders For Closet​​ Buying Guide

Contrary to popular perception, belt is not just a tool to keep the pants up. It's not only a practical solution but also a statement in fashion and style. The belt along with the right watch and shoes can help in creating a dynamic, flattering and impressive look. The style, color and look of the belt matter.

While a formal looking belt that is consistent with the shoes is a fitting choice for a formal occasion, you do not want to wear the same belt when you are having fun at a party but still want to appear stylish. Belts are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, designs and styles. You should have a collection of belts in addition to ties, shoes and watches for various occasions.

​Having a lot of belts makes it easy for you to choose one for every occasion but you need a system to keep your belts well organized and clean. Without a system, you will quickly lose track of your belts and if you just shove them inside a drawer or dresser, the expensive belts will quickly lose their grace and elegance. You do not want that. This is the reason you want to invest in belt holders for closet.




Number of ​Hooks

Manual / Motorized


​Sterline Automatic Belt and Tie Rack

​Durable Plastic

​72 + 8


​mDesign Closet Organizer Rack

​Steel Wire

​11 + 8


​Ohuhu Belt Hanger

​Hardwood & Steel



What Is a Belt Holder?

If you are in the habit of throwing around your belts anywhere in the house, you will find that your belts do not look as graceful as they should. It won’t be wrong to say that most men do not realize that their accessories such as shoes, belts and ties along with the watch tells a lot about them. A worn out belt or a belt with a lot of scratches and other marks gives an impression that the man wearing that belt is not really great at organizing things.

​A belt holder is an organizational tool that allows you to keep all your belts accessible at a single place. It allows you to pick the belt you want quickly and without any issues. It also enhances the life of your belt by keeping it hanging straight.

​Benefits of Belt Holders for Closet

There are many obvious benefits of investing in a belt holder. If you're still looking for ways to convince yourself about the benefits of buying a high quality and reliable belt holder, here are a few proven benefits to make things easy for you.

​A Belt Holder isn't just for keeping your belts safe but it's an organizational tool that keeps your closet well organized and your life stress-free.

​1. ​Keeps the Belt Safe

​Most people need to replace their belts way too often than necessary. It's true that some high-quality belts are durable and should look great for years but only if you take proper care of your belts. The best way to keep your belts maintain their natural shape and color is to ensure that it is hanged after use. Don't just toss them in a random drawer.

When the belts are left on a hanger, the belts hang the way they are supposed to hang. There is a reason you find belts hanging this way in the stores. A belt hanger is designed to keep your belts safe.

2. ​Rotate Your Belts Regularly

​You don't wear the same shoes everywhere. If you have more than one pair of shoes, you should also have matching belts for your shoes. You need to rotate your belts just like your shoes. Proper rotation will enhance the life of your belts. However, you will be able to rotate your belts only if you keep them organized and safe. A belt hanger will help you with that.

​3. ​Keep Things Organized

​If you want to keep your closet organized, you need to buy a belt holder along with various other accessories. Most belt holders are designed to hold a number of ties along with belts. In other words, these are multifunctional tools that can be used to organize your collection of ties, belts and other accessories.

​4. ​Add More Belts to Your Collection

​If you want to buy new belts but are afraid of spending your money on that belt you want because you already have too many belts and no way to keep the additional belts, a belt holder is what you want. Use it to organize your existing belts and keep adding to your collection. After all, no one said that there is anything like too many belts.

​Buying The Best Belt Holders For Closet

​When you are searching for belt holders for closet, you will discover that there are is a huge variety available in the market in various shapes and sizes. You'll also find that all belt holders are not created equal. You need to do some work in order to find a belt holder that is right for your specific needs. Here is a list of some of the important factors you should carefully consider before buying a belt holder.

​1. ​​Material

​One of the most important factors you need to consider is the material used for making the hanger. You'll not want to buy a hanger made of a flimsy material that might break down in a few weeks or is unable to bear the weight of all the ties and belts you want to hang on it. Some of the best belt hangers available in the market today are made from high quality steel, hardwood or high-quality plastic.

2. ​​Number of Hooks

​It will depend on the number of belts you plan to hang on to the organizer. Make sure it has good number of hooks to allow you to keep adding to your collection without the need to buy a new organizer at a later date.

​3. ​​Manual or Automatic

​Automatic revolving belt racks are also available in the market today at an affordable price point. These racks have a powerful motor inside which rotates the belt with hooks where you can hang your belts along with the ties. These do not cost much and look great in any closet. The choice will depend on your budget as well as your needs.

​4. ​​Design

A belt holder is a functional organizational tool but it does not mean that you do not need to pay any attention to its design and looks. It should look stylish and match the aesthetics of your closet. In simple terms, it should not look odd in your closet. Also, the hooks should be big enough to allow you to hang your belts easily without worrying about your belts falling down.

​5. ​​​Ease of Use

You are buying a belt hanger to make your life easy. So, make sure the hanger is designed in a manner to make it easy for you to hang on and take off the belts in a jiffy without the need to use both your hands.

6. ​Price

Do not choose a belt holder only because it's cheap. A cheap belt holder is cheap for a reason. It will break down in just a few weeks and you will have to spend more money in order to get a better quality belt holder. So, do the right thing and choose a belt holder for its quality of materials, durability and positive reviews instead of focusing only on the price.

7. ​Build Quality

​It should be sturdy and have excellent build quality which means it should last a long time. User reviews give you an idea of the build quality of the model you are considering.

​Reviews of the Best Belt Holders for Closet

​In this section of the guide, we offer short and quick reviews of some of the best belt holders for closet we have come across during our research. It is important for you to know that the products in the list below are not in any particular order and you should feel free to buy any of the below hangers that suits your needs.

​Sterline Automatic Belt and Tie Rack

​As the name suggests, it is an automated belt rack. It is powered by a powerful motor that circulates the tie and belt rack. A simple push is all you need to choose the belt you want for the occasion. It also features built-in LED light that allows you to illuminate your selection in a dark closet.

As far as the holding capacity is concerned, it can hold up to 8 belts and 72 ties. It is a combined tie and belt hanger. The motor stops revolving the rack after 20 seconds automatically. Also, the LED lights shut off automatically after 30 seconds. It is powered by batteries which are included in your package.

​One of the best things about this motorized belt rack is that it fits your standard closet rails and does not take too much space. The hooks are made of high-quality plastic and are designed to keep your belts and ties safe. These are big hooks and you do not need to worry about belts falling down from the hook.


  • ​Automatic belt holder
  • ​Up to 72 ties and eight belts
  • ​Fits on the standard closet rails
  • ​Made of high quality plastic
  • ​Comes with two year warranty
  • ​Smart LED lights for illuminating dark closet
  • ​Does not use too much space
  • ​Multifunctional and can be used for belts and other accessories


This motorized belt and tie hanger is simple to assemble and install. The included batteries make it easy for you to start using it in no time. It can hold up to 72 ties and eight belts which means it has ample space for even the most avid collector of ties and belts.

​Made from high quality material, it is designed to keep your closet well organized and enhance the life of your ties and belts. The added LED lights switch off automatically after some time. Overall, if you're looking for an automated solution for keeping your ties and belts in an organized manner, this one should be on the top of your list.

mDesign Closet Organizer Rack

As the name of this organizer suggests, it is a multifunctional organizer tool with enough space for your belts as well as ties. It is available in two different colors. The innovative design of this organizer rack allows you to turn your wall space into valuable storage. It is extremely easy to mount on your bedroom wall or in the closet with the help of included hardware.

There are a total of 11 small hooks as well as 8 large hooks included in this organizer rack. In addition to hang in your ties and belts on this organizer, you can also use it for your scarves, bracelets, small purses, bangles, bracelets and necklaces among other things. There is also a basket at the top that provides storage space for other accessories including your watch bands, smartwatches, reading glasses, sunglasses, wallets and other such things.

​You can hang it in your bedroom, in your closet or in any room in the house. It is made from high quality steel that comes with rust resistant finish. It's extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth. It has dimensions of 15 x 3.25 x 2.75 inches.


  • ​Made from high quality steel with a rust resistant finish
  • ​Has 11 small and 8 large hooks
  • ​Comes with a basket at the top for additional storage space
  • ​Can be used anywhere in the house
  • ​Available in two different colors


Overall, if you have been searching for a product that allows you to organize your hats, scarves, belts, ties and other random accessories, this is the organizer you have been searching for.

​The upper tray provides necessary storage space to keep all your other accessories. It is affordable and made of high quality steel that comes with rust resistant finish. It is easy to install and is conveniently sized which means you can use it in any part of your home.

​Ohuhu Belt Hanger

​This multipurpose hanger organizer is designed to keep your ties, scarves, belts and laundry organized. It is made of high-quality hardwood with steel hooks. The 360 degrees rotating swivel hook at the top is made of polished stainless steel. The hanging hook come with smooth varnish finish. There are a total of 12 polished hooks on this affordable hanger.

​Its design allows you to use it anywhere in your home. Its dimensions are 16.8 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches. The best thing about this particular organizer is its intelligent design. The hooks are staggered on each side which means you can easily hang down oversized belts without any crowding.


  • ​Made from high-quality hardwood and stainless steel
  • ​Has a total of 12 stainless steel hoax
  • ​Can be used for hanging belts, ties and other accessories
  • ​Intelligent design with 360 degree rotating swivel hook at the top
  • ​Extremely affordable


If you have been waiting for an affordable and smart option for keeping your laundry, ties, scarves and belts neatly organized, this is the belt hanger you have been waiting for. It has everything you need. The 360 degrees rotating hook at the top makes it easy for you to use it anywhere in your home.

​It comes with a total of 12 hooks with enough space to hang large size belts. Made of durable hardwood and steel, it is designed to be an affordable option for organizing your closet.

​Organizers Can Match Your Needs

This is one aspect that a lot of people tend to overlook with these products. That is the fact they will have a wide selection of these to pick from. That is going to allow people to find the one that is going to suit their needs and personality.

​​So if you have a lot of ties or belts that you want organized you could pick out the one that is meant for both, but also has a lot of hooks. However, if you have a lot of space you could easily find yourself settling on the wall mounted unit with the basket on top to store your items.

​Improving your home's storage is a good thing. However, what you need to realize is one item that is overlooked quite a bit is the belts that you wear. When you want to get those organized you will often think a dresser is a great place. In the dresser, though, the belts can get lost and this makes it impossible to get the belts found. That is why you will love the belt holders for closet as an option. Then you will know the belts will be stored out of the way of everything. Then you will find the belts will also not be damaged by anything that would be placed on them that could cause the materials to break down. No matter what, having an organized and clean home is going to help you out in getting the belts put up and organized in the home you love.

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