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Best Craft Organizers | The Smartest Way To Organize
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Best ​Craft Organizers

​The Best Craft Organizers

​If you're into crafts you likely have crafting supplies all over your crafting area. These are the best craft organizers and will help you to keep your craft supplies in one easy to find location. They're also portable so you can take them with you to a friends house.    

​Not all craft organizers are made the same. Here we've gone over 6 of the best craft organizers we could find to help you determine which ones will work best for your needs. Don't be afraid to buy more than one, mix and match and design your own personalized craft organization methods using these products. Let's take a look at what each product has to offer.







​California Home Goods Craft Organizer Case

​10.4 x 7.6 x 6.8​ inches

​Durable Plastic

​30 Compartments

Akro-Mils Craft Cabinet

19.5  x 15.25 x 6​ inches

​Clear Polypropylene Drawers, Polystyrene Frame

​12 ​big and 32 ​small drawers

Strokes Office Supplies Organizer Stand

​7 ​x 7 ​inches

​Metal Wire

​12 Scissors

​Kraftic Arts and Crafts Supplies Center

​15​  x 7.5  x 6 inches ​


​20 compartments

​Bins & Things Storage Container 

​10  x 7.2  x 6.5 inches ​

​Durable Plastic

​30 compartments

​Artbin Craft Supply Storage Container

​15.2 x 14 x 3.5 inches


​1 compartment

Reviews Of Best Craft Organizers

​California Home Goods Craft Organizer Case

​This three layer craft organizer case offers perfect storage space for all kinds of craft supplies. It comes with a total of 30 individual compartments allowing you to keep everything neatly organized. There are three stackable trays with each tray having 10 individual sections. These sections are separated by removable dividers which means you can easily adjust the compartment size.

​It is made from high quality, durable and strong plastic material. This organizer also comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around and you can also use it as a tackle box.


  • ​Made of high quality and durable plastic
  • ​Three stackable trays
  • ​30 individual compartments
  • ​Removable dividers
  • ​Lifetime guarantee
  • ​Comes with handle


​It is a multifunctional organizer case made of snap lock trays. It has enough storage space to allow you to store your craft supplies, pet shop figures, figurines, and other accessories neatly organized. The removable dividers also make it easy for you to store objects of any size. It also comes with lifetime guarantee which means you have absolutely nothing to lose when you choose this particular craft organizer case.

​Akro-Mils Craft Cabinet

​It is made from high impact polystyrene frame that can be wall mounted or stacked. It is made in the USA and comes with a total of 12 unbreakable large sized drawers with dimensions of 4-3/8 x 2 x 5-1/4 inches. There are also 32 small smaller unbreakable drawers with dimensions of 2-1/8 x 1-1/2 x 5-1/4 inches. The dividers are also molded into the back of cabinet. It is available in black, red as well as a combination of black and red.


  • ​Made from high impact polystyrene frame
  • ​12 big drawers
  • ​32 smaller drawers
  • ​Made in the USA
  • ​Available in three different colors
  • ​Wall mount or stacked


​This craft cabinet is made by a company that is known for making high-quality plastic and metal storage. This particular plastic cabinet organizer is made from high quality but strong plastic with finger grip drawers that provide easy access to the things inside. The stop tabs at the rear are designed to prevent spilling. There are the holes in the back for hanging and the included dividers have been molded into back. Overall, it is the perfect organizer case for all your craft supplies and other things.

​Strokes Office Supplies Organizer Stand

​It is a tabletop organizer stand that includes a nice set of 12 decorative paper scissors. These scissors can be used for all the paper crafts including card making, rubber stamping and scrapbooking among others. These scissors have plastic body with metal plates and each pair comes with differently colored handle to allow quick identification. The stand is around 7 inches wide and 7 inches tall, and it comes with a handle.


  • ​7 inches high and 7 inches wide organizer stand
  • ​Total of 12 decorative scissors
  • ​Different colored handles on scissors
  • ​Scissors made of lightweight plastic and metal blades
  • Does not take too much space inside your closet
  • Money back guarantee


​Overall, this set of 12 scissors is designed to be the perfect accessory for your paper crafts including card making and scrapbooking among others. The silver wire organizer stand fits these scissors nicely and it comes with a carrying handle. If you are looking for a good selection of craft scissors in assorted patterns, this particular package is the right choice for your needs.

Kraftic Arts and Crafts Supplies Center

​This red colored organizer comes with 20 drawers of craft materials. It has dimensions of 15 x 7.5 x 6 inches. There are tons of supplies in this organizer including ABC stickers, google eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and much more. The best thing about this particular organizer is that it is a great start for beginners as all the required craft supplies are included in this package. It has everything you possibly need, and all the materials are well organized into their own drawers which means you won't have to go through a big bin of craft supplies where everything is mixed together.


  • ​Red colored organizer
  • ​20 filled drawers
  • ​Has everything for a beginner


​Overall, this is the perfect starter kit for beginners. It makes for a great gift as it includes everything such as glue, jewels, pipe cleaners and other such craft supplies. It's a neat little package that can be used again and again with a variety of craft supplies. Once the included supplies are gone, you can buy your own craft supplies and keep them organized in this neat little organizer.

Bins & Things Storage Container

​This storage organizer is available in two different sizes. Made from high quality plastic, it features three individual trays with each tray featuring 10 individual adjustable compartments. It is made from high quality and durable clear plastic. The container lid also comes with a handle allowing you to easily carry it around. The dividers are removable which means you can easily increase the compartment size to fit larger items.


  • ​Made of clear durable plastic
  • ​Three stackable trays
  • ​30 adjustable compartments
  • ​Available in two sizes


​Overall, it's a neat little organizer box made of durable clear plastic. It also features a handle that makes it easy for you to carry it around and the removable dividers make it easy for you to fix even larger items inside the organizer case.

Artbin Craft Supply Storage Container

​This plastic craft organizer is available in three different colors and has dimensions of 15.25 x 14 x 3.5 inches. It is an excellent option for storing and organizing your coloring books, paper, fabric and other craft supplies. It is made of acid free plastic that comes with a carrying handle. If you have a lot of art and craft supplies, you can buy many of these organizers to keep all your craft supplies well organized and safe.


  • ​Made of high-quality clear plastic
  • ​Excellent design
  • ​Internal storage space of 13 x 13 inches
  • ​Comes with a carrying handle


​Overall, if you're looking for a portable art and craft organizer, this particular storage case is the ideal choice as a storage container. The carrying handle and secure latches provide easy portability and you can use it for storing your drawing pads, fabric, coloring books, quilt blocks, paper and other supplies. Also, it is stackable which means you can buy multiple bins and stack them to keep all your supplies neatly organized at one place.

Benefits Of Craft Storage

1. ​​Better Organized for Kids:

​With ​any of the craft storage options above, you can keep all of your craft supplies corraled in one easy and portable location. This will work well to help keep your crafting area cleaner and it's easy to grab if the kids want to work on a project and you don't want it to take over the craft area.

Kids will love having all of their items in one easy to find location. No more looking for all of the components when you have them all in one easy tote.

2. ​​Save Space

​Ideal for stacking and storage so you don't have to have it spread out all over. If you're limited on space these will easily stack in a small area such as a closet or an alcove.

3. ​​Divide and Conquer

​Storage containers like this make it very easy to sort craft supplies according to the hobby. If you've more than one hobby this is an ideal way to keep all of your supplies together.

4. ​Safety

​Keep all of your scissors in one drawer or use the special scissor organizer.

5. ​​Different Drawer for Different Purpose:

​Keep glues, sparkles, glitter and other supplies in another drawer or storage organizer. Glue dots and other items will all be at the ready whenever you need them.

6. ​Useful for Everyone

​Ideal for teachers and students alike as they can easily bring supplies along to class. These organizers are perfect for schools, Sunday School classrooms, daycares, teens, and anyone who simply wants to have everything at the ready.

​Why You Need A​ Craft Organizer

1. ​​​Save Time and Money:

​Have you ever walked into a room looking for your scissors and not been able to find them? How about looking for the markers or rubber bands. We've all been there. Many people just have their craft supplies all over the place. It's difficult at best to find what you're looking for when you need it. With the best craft organizers, you'll find that you know right where everything is when you need it. Organizers can save you hours of searching or worse, buying something that you already have, if you could just find it. You'll find that you save time and money when you have these organizers. You'll save time because you always know where everything is at, and you'll save money because you're not purchasing supplies that you already have because you can't find them.

2. ​​​Satisfaction of Organized Space

​Organizing the craft room can actually make you more productive. It can be very satisfying to walk into your craft room and have everything ready at your fingertips for your projects. However, it can also be very overwhelming to take the time to organize your craft room. Whether you're young or old, a hoarder or just have a few crafts going at the time, it's far more relaxing and easy to be creative when your craft supplies are all at the ready.

3. ​​​Reduce Clutter:

​If you hate clutter, this is going to be your lifeline to a clutter-free home. Clutter can be distracting for some and downright depressing. If you're on the go, you don't have time to look all over the house for your craft supplies. It's easy to get disorganized when you don't have storage solutions. These organizers all make it super easy to store your supplies and keep them out of reach of little fingers that like to relocate your craft items.

4. ​​Foster Creativity:

An organized craft area may help you to be more creative. Clutter can be very distracting and may tend to get you off track if you're not focussing on what you're working on. It's also easier to see what you have when you take the time to organize your craft area. You'll be more creative when you know what you have on hand for your crafting.

​Tips And Tricks

​Mix and match the above-mentioned products to help organize your craft area. Since everyone has a different amount of space you can choose items that are stackable or can be wall mounted and find a way to store all of those items that you simply "must have" but don't know what to do with.

​1. Stack Them Up

Choose organizers that will allow you to stack them if you're short on space. You can use a small closet or area then to simply stack your craft supplies.

​2. ​​Use labels to label your craft organizers so that you can readily find every item that you're looking for. You can print out cute labels from your computer or get stickers for your different organizers so that you know what is in each organizer.

​3. ​​​​Keep Craft ​You Love : Crafting has a way of getting out of hand and before you know it you have craft supplies all over the area. By keeping them in your organizer you won't have this happen as often and you'll always have what you need at your fingertips. Focus on what you really love and leave the rest behind.

4. Spruce Up Your Storage Space

Mix and match your craft organizers to create and design your very own personal space. Even the smallest apartment or studio can handle a small craft area if you're creative enough. Don't stress over the small details, just make it neat and tidy and give yourself the freedom to explore your options and have fun.

​5. Upcycle

Don't be afraid to upcycle some of your craft supplies.

6. Personalize Your Space

Personalize the organizers that you buy from the above-mentioned product list. It's easy with some washi tape, markers, or even specialty papers.

​7. ​Place Organizer at ​Right Place

Make it yours by choosing how to organize your craft area. These storage organizers are ideal for placing underneath of a worktable, into a bookcase shelf, into a closet, on a wall or some other area.

8. ​Proximity

Keep everything close at hand. Don't stress over what you can't find by keeping your items all at the ready with an organizer.

​9. Ideal for Get-togethers

Ideal for those days that you want to get together with friends and design the perfect crafts, just grab the organizers that you require and be on your way. No need to search for everything when you're so organized.

10. Ready for Guests

Your home is going to be neater and tidier when you have everything readily organized and at the ready.  You won't stress when the doorbell rings if you're organized with these craft organizers. You may have a few things out, but you won't have everything out and in the way.

11. Make Travel Fun

Make going to grandmas fun by having a portable kit that you can grab and take along so that the kids will have something to do while they're there. These are also perfect for long car rides with the kids. Give each kid their own organizer so that they can work on a craft in the car. It will save parents hours of headaches when the kids are happy travelers.

12. Ideal for Camping

Take them camping and keep kids busy with crafting items that they find in and around the campsite. Kids will love creating from items that they find in the camp area and parents will have a break while the kids are creating their masterpieces.

13. Perfect for Toddlers:

Perfect for quiet time while the baby is sleeping and you need something to keep the toddler busy. You can place crayons and paper in one and only get that out when the baby is sleeping and the toddler will look forward to having that toy that mom keeps up out of the way and only allows out when the baby is sleeping.

​With so many ways to use the best craft organizers, you're sure to come up with a few of your own. There is an endless number of ways to mix and match and use these craft organizers and you're sure to come up with some more besides the ones that are listed here. By designing your own organizational structure you're sure to appreciate the endless options. Kids young and old alike will enjoy these organizers and they're all reasonably priced. Just be mindful that once your spouse sees how organized you are he may wish to have you organize his tools, fishing gear and more.

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