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Best Trunk Organizers | The Smartest Way To Organize

Best Trunk Organizers

It won't be wrong to say that keeping your car tidy seems next to impossible.

Today's busy lifestyle pushes everyone, parents or professionals, to spend more time in the car as you take your car everywhere and you need to keep a variety of things in your car for almost every eventuality you can think of. 

A trunk organizer makes it easy to carry all kinds of things in your car. Follow this compact guide on how you should go about choosing the right trunk organizer for your particular needs.




Main Compartments

Side Compartments


Trunk Organizer with Straps 

By Drive Auto Products

23"L x 17"W x 10.75"H


2 big + 8 mesh pockets

Car Trunk Organizer


23.5"L x 16"W x 12"H


2 big + 4 mesh pockets

Starling's Trunk Organizer

23.6"L x 14.6"W x 12.5"H

Three (Can be made one)

11 pockets

Picnic at Ascot's Heavy Duty Trunk Organizer

30"L x 14.75"W x 9"H

Four including cooler

4 mesh pockets

MIU COLOR's Trunk Organizer

23"L x 14"W x 13"H

Four (adjustable)

2 covered + 4 mesh pockets

TrunkCratePro's Trunk Organizer

23.6"L x 14.6"W x 12.5"H

Four (adjustable)

2 large + 8 fabric + 1 mesh pockets

Tips for Buying Best Trunk Organizers

Over the years, many companies have jumped in this business and have launched a variety of models in order to satisfy the increased demand for trunk organizers. However, the quality of several such trunk organizers is not up to the mark. Therefore, you need to do some research and identify the factors that differentiate the best ones from the others. 

A trunk organizer should make it easy for you to reach everything easily. It should fit in the back seat, front seat or in the cargo space of your SUV in addition to the trunk. Here is a list of some of the major factors you need to consider in order to buy the best trunk organizers:


Pay attention to the quality of materials used to make the trunk organizer. There are several cheap trunk organizers that simply fold down when empty. You do not want such an organizer. It should stay upright on its own even when there is nothing in it. In addition, you also need to make sure that it has a strong base, reinforced panels and double stitched seams. It should be able to endure heavy use. Some of the models available in the market today are tear resistant and water resistant.

As far as the quality of the materials is concerned, keep in mind that nylon is stronger than polyester which means trunk organizers made from nylon tend to be more long lasting and reliable.


Size will depend on the type of car you have. It is recommended to invest in the biggest trunk organizer that fits in your car. The best way to get the right sized organizer is to take a measurement of the trunk first and then, choose a size. You should also know that some of the models available today have an expandable design which means the size can be adjusted as per the size of the car trunk.


Some of the highest rated trunk organizers have amazing design which means these are foldable and adjustable. Sometimes, you do not want the trunk organizer to come in the way of keeping other things in the trunk of the car and foldable design makes it easy for you to get that extra space. Also, it should be adjustable which means it should allow you to store all the essentials easily. For instance, high-quality trunk organizers come with removable compartments or slider dividers allowing you to keep even bigger items in the trunk organizer.

Ease of Installation/Cleaning

This is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to buying best trunk organizers. It is important that you choose a model that does not take you hours to install. Most of the highly rated trunk organizers are easy to install and come with enough rubber straps or Velcro to hold it securely in place. Some of the other models come equipped with tie down straps making it easy to install. Ideally, you should be able to unfold the container and tighten it to the trunk in order to install it. Any model that requires you to use some special tools is not worth the money.

​Your trunk organizer will get dirty with time. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in an organizer that's easy to clean for a stress-free experience. Some people end up buying an organizer only on the basis of looks and other features but some of these turn out to be a pain to clean. Foldable models are relatively easy to clean.

​Nice to Have Features

Some of the models have some extra features that make it worth the extra money. For instance, a few trunk organizers come equipped with padded handles making it easy for you to carry around. Without padded handles, you might find it a tad difficult to carry it. Some of the high end models allow you to customize the space by expanding or collapsing as per your needs. A few trunk organizers have metal grommets on the corners allowing you to tie it up securely with a rope for that extra protection.

​If you want an integrated cooler bag, you will be happy with a model that comes with cooler bags allowing you to keep your beverages cold. If you are willing to spend a bit more, there are complete waterproof models available that will keep the car trunk squeaky clean in case of a leak or spill inside the organizer.


​As mentioned above, these organizers do not cost a lot of money but there are some really cheap models with questionable quality of materials and poor design. It's better to buy a high quality model that has received excellent reviews in terms of durability, design and ease of use. You do not want to spend money on something that will need to be replaced in a few months’ time. So, choose a high quality model that will last a long time even if it costs a bit more.

Reviews of the Best Trunk Organizers

In this section, we have chosen some of the best trunk organizers available today that strike a fine balance between design, durability, ease of use and price. So, check the reviews below in order to choose one that suits your needs.

 Trunk Organizer with Straps By Drive Auto Products

Drive Auto Products is one of the most well-known companies in the auto accessories industry. They make a variety of products and are known for consistently delivering high-quality products at an affordable price. This particular trunk organizer is no exception.

It has a patent pending design that addresses some of the most pressing issues common in various other models. It is reinforced with 13 stiff base plates to keep it upright and sturdy. Each single panel is reinforced with base plates. You can use it on the front seat as well as strap it around the back of the seat.

It is made from premium Oxford 600D fabric which means it is durable and will last a long time. The solid base plates make it easy for you to put water bottles or coffee mugs in it when you are using it on the front seat. It also comes equipped with straps to keep the organizer secure when you are using it on the front seat.

There are two big front pockets and a total of eight mesh side pockets. The organizer features folding compartments that allow you to safely store all kinds of things including binders, phones, tablets, pet supplies or tools and other such things. The tie down straps make it easy to keep the trunk organizer secure. You can also hook these tie down straps to the trunk of your vehicle in order to keep things secure inside the trunk.

Heavy-duty fabric has been used on the inside as well as on the outside. All the sides also carry reinforced edging that keep it upright. Adjustable design makes it easy for you to use it for a variety of products.

 FORTEM's Car Trunk Organizer

This is a highly popular car trunk organizer. One of the best things about this particular model is that it is made from premium 600 D polyester material which means it will last for years if you use it judiciously. It features a waterproof nylon cover to protect the things inside. It also has reinforced base plates that keep it sturdy and upright. 

The base plates also keep the sides strong. The bottom features nonslip Velcro strips that prevent the organizer from sliding away. The inner compartments are adjustable and collapsible which means you can store items of all sizes in this organizer. Also, the side pockets are protected with Velcro to allow you to safely store smaller items including books, keys, pill boxes or cell phones among other things.

Installing it is extremely easy. You just need to unfold the organizer and attach it to the trunk using the Velcro dividers, and you are good to go. The Velcro bottom will prevent it from shifting when you are driving. Also, it will stay put even when it is empty due to high quality construction. It's collapsible which means you can easily store it when you do not need it.

As far as the storage space is concerned, it features three huge sections and four mesh pockets along with two pockets that come with Velcro lids. That's not all as it also comes with two heavy duty handles that allow you to carry it easily. 

Like all the other products made by the company, this trunk organizer also comes with a lifetime warranty which means you have absolutely no risk when you buy this particular trunk organizer. 

 Starling's Trunk Organizer

This particular organizer costs a tad higher than the other options discussed above but there is a reason why this particular model costs higher. The first thing you will notice in this particular model is that it has a waterproof bottom that is made up of three separate layers consisting of a rubber polymer, polyester and PP board. It is made of highly durable 1680D oxford polyester and they have paid special attention to the stitching. In simple terms, it is going to last a long time whether you use it in your car, in your boat or keep it in your closet.

The manufacturer has also paid special attention to the design and it includes two rubberized bottoms that not only keeps it from slipping but also makes it easy to slide in. It also comes with four separate buckles of which two can be used for locking the unit whereas other two can be used when you want to use only half of the space. It features 11 extra pockets.

It's collapsible which means you can easily fold it up and store it anywhere. It also has two handles that make it easy for anyone to carry it. You can easily expand its length to store more items. Due to its sturdiness, you can use it for a variety of things including your car tools, sports equipment, groceries and any other such things. You can easily carry up to 100 pounds of weight in this trunk organizer making it the right choice for heavy usage.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty which means you will get your money back in case you are not satisfied with this product. The company is known for crafting high-quality products and has been active in this business since 1974.

 Heavy Duty Trunk Organizer by Picnic At Ascot's

If you are in search for a large heavy duty organizer for your SUV, this particular model has been designed specifically for buyers like you. This 30 inch long model has two options. You can buy it without the 24 can cooler but you will have to pay extra for the version with the cooler. This heavy-duty organizer has been made with 600 D canvas that has been further reinforced with waterproof backing. The removable cooler has 24 can capacity and it comes with leak-proof, heat seal, puncture resistant and food safe lining that should keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

It includes three dividers that are infinitely adjustable which means you can store items of all shapes and sizes including sports gear, bottles, tools and toys. It features rigid hard base as well as sides, and its nonskid base grips the carpet. There are also mesh outer pockets. It is collapsible which saves space during storage. You can use it for grocery shopping trips or as a portable locker and other such things.

It is designed in the USA and comes with lifetime warranty. Even though its price is on the higher side as compared to the other options discussed above, it is likely to last you a lifetime due to its excellent build quality and amazing adjustable design.

 MIU COLOR's Trunk Organizer

It is available in two sizes, medium and large. It is made from highly durable 1680D polyester with a triple layer waterproof base. It also features high quality Velcro bottom that makes it easy to stick it to the car which means it doesn't move even when you drive. 

It comes with a removable subdivide that allows you to divide it into four differently sized storage cells. It also comes with a stiff cover with Velcro to keep your things safe. The cover can be easily removed if you do not need it. It comes with reinforced and ergonomic carrying handles allowing you to easily carry whatever you want. It's also extremely easy to wipe clean.

When unfolded, it measures 23 x 14 x 13 inches. As far as the storage is concerned, it comes with eight mesh side pockets. When folded, it only measures 12.2 x 13.8 x 3 inches which makes it easy to carry around and to store. It has a carrying capacity of over 40 pounds. Like all other high-quality products, it also comes with lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects.

TrunkCratePro's Trunk Organizer

This collapsible trunk organizer is highly rated. It is made from premium oxford polyester. This highly durable organizer is built to withstand wear and tear for years. In fact, the company defines it as the Everest of trunk organizers. This organizer is also abrasion and water resistant. The reinforced stitching makes it highly durable and the waterproof material makes it easy to clean.

It features nonskid Velcro at the bottom to prevent slippage while driving. When fully open, it measures 23.5 x 15 x 12 inches. There are a total of 11 pockets that consist of two big expandable pockets, one mesh pocket and eight fabric pockets.
It can be divided into four compartments with the help of included removable sub dividers. You can also fold it in half and use it as a picnic basket or use it in your shopping cart. The heavy duty handles allow you to carry it around easily.

Like all other high-quality models, it also comes with lifetime warranty.

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