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Packing Cubes VS Compression Bags | The Smartest Way To Organize
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​Packing Cubes VS Compression Bags

​Discover What You Need To Know About Packing Cubes VS Compression Bags

​Because of Airline rules it is now important that we can pack our carry-on bag so that it meets the requirements of the airline. It is common today for Airlines to include the cost of one piece of luggage and one carry-on bag to be included in the price of the ticket. Here we will take a look at packing cubes vs compression bags and how to organize them to get the most bang for your buck.

​​More of us travel by plane now than at any other time in history.  As it is one of the more expensive methods of travel we need to look at ways to cut cost when possible. We often choose traveling by air because of its speed and convenience. Because we are traveling more often and for longer periods, we often feel the need to take more things with us when we go.





​Number of Items


​Bagail Packing Cubes Set

​Packing Cube


​4  packing cubes

​Tour Pal Packing Cubes

​Packing Cube


​4 packing cubes +1 laundry bag

​Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags

​Compression Bag


​12 bags         

​We may need casual wear, business attire, and formal wear for the activities we plan to do while traveling. Often we struggle with how to best organize these clothes and other personal items that we want to take with us. Fortunately, there are containers that are specifically designed to allow us to pack as much as possible into a small space so that it meets the requirements of the airlines as a carry-on bag while maximizing what we can put in it.

​Unfortunately, some of the luggage that is advertised as having the ability to compress the items inside are often just simply straps that lack the ability to have any real compression ability. These type of carry-on luggage bags do not reduce very much space and do not allow its users to add much more than you could in any ordinary carry-on bag. This is problematic because many airlines are increasingly strict on the exact parameters a carry-on bag can be.

​Why Pack More Stuff Into A Carry-On Bag?

Many frequent travelers are opting to reduce the amount of things they bring with them to eliminate the need for checking in baggage.  Most Airlines now will allow one checked piece of luggage and one carry-on bag and the cost of those are included in your ticket. So regardless of whether you're one of  those who are looking to minimize the things you bring when you travel down to a single carry-on bag, or you continue to use one checked  piece of luggage along with a carry on, it is highly likely that you want to put as much as possible into your carry-on bag.

Very often a carry-on bag is considerably less of a hassle because you don't have to bother checking it in.  Anything you have in a single carry on bag does not come with any additional charges. You do not have to worry about your carry-on bag being lost or it arriving late because it was placed on another plane. When you can carry more stuff in one bag it means overall, you have fewer things to carry.

​Regardless of whether you want to eliminate the need for checked luggage, or you want to maximize what you can bring in addition to the checked luggage, you will want to keep reading and learn about packing cubes vs compression bags.

​​Compression Bags

​These are heavy duty bags with a zipper that makes it easy to load and unload items. It also has a valve that allows you to remove the air from the bag and everything in it. Large items such as jackets and sweaters along with other clothing often take up a lot of extra space that can be eliminated by removing the air. By using a vacuum you're able to easily draw out all of the air which flattens all the content inside the bag allowing you to carry more clothes in a smaller container.

While this makes it ideal for organizing clothes, it's considerably less effective for items such as electric shavers, cosmetics, books and any other item that is hard. It is only able to flatten material that is fluffy and full of air. Fortunately, many of the items that cannot be flattened are not unnecessarily fluffed up with air.

​It is also important to remember that while compression bags are capable of reducing the size of items like clothes, it does not reduce the overall weight. This means that even when you can add extra material into a carry-on bag, you still have to be able to carry it on. You will also not want to put any type of sharp object in the bag as this could lead to it being cut which then would release the air and the clothes to return back to their normal state.

​Packing Cubes

​These cubes are containers that come in different sizes and are used for packing clothing and other items in a highly organized way. Each bag can be used for different items and then all placed into a carry-on bag. Because you can get them in a variety of shapes and sizes, it means that you can organize everything neatly and easily fit them into a carry-on bag. There are rectangle shaped containers as well as those that are square and even tube style containers.

​Some of these containers have two separate sides to allow the user to separate clean and dirty clothes. Although these containers do not have the specific feature to eliminate all the air as you find with compression bags, they do have a limited ability to compress items like clothes.

​How Do Packing Cubes Benefit The User?

When it comes to packing cubes vs compression bags, one of the big advantages of using packing cubes is the fact that you're able to keep clothes neater and less wrinkled as well as having the advantage of different size containers that helped to organize other items such as makeup, toiletries, books and other things that don't benefit from compression. So while this choice doesn't allow for nearly as much compression of items like sweaters and other clothes that take up extra space, it does have these other advantages.

​Other areas that users find very useful is the fact that it enables them to pack and unpack more easily than with other choices. If you've ever done any traveling and went to find a particular item and couldn't, then you will very much enjoy the advantage of packing cubes because they will significantly increase your ability to quickly find items. This choice is a great way to organize everything because you can keep each type of item in its own container which makes it easy to find and use and put back as necessary.

How Do You Know Which One You Should Buy?

When you are considering packing cubes vs compression bags it is important to understand your particular needs. If you have a lot of bulky items that can be significantly compressed such as clothes and anything else similar, then you can benefit greatly by using compression bags. If however, you are interested in highly organizing all the items in your bag and having those items easily found and repacked, then packing cubes will work well for you.

​Discover These Items When Making Your Selections

​Bagail's Packing Cubes Set

​- It comes with Four Packing Cubes​.

For the average person, bringing everything they want to bring in a carry-on bag is almost impossible. But with this set of 4 packing cubes that will fit perfectly into your carry-on bag, it will make it all possible. You'll be able to fit your bulky clothes into space saving bags. You'll be able to carry your dirty laundry or your makeup inside the special bag that is included. The special containers help to keep clothes free of wrinkles.


  • ​Highest quality
  • ​​Fits perfectly in a carry-on
  • ​Helps avoid overweight charges
  • ​Great value and convenient

-Quickly Find Any Item

Anyone who has ever done any traveling knows one of the most frustrating things is to have all your stuff packed in your bags and then you can't find what you're looking for when you need it. This can be easily avoided by using these cubes. Each type of item is packed into its own cube which makes it super easy to find the items when you're looking for them. Never again will you have to experience the frustration and wasted time looking for an item that you can't find.

-Organize Everything

​Spend less time packing and unpacking and know exactly where everything is with this system. With the different sized cubes, it is easy to select which items will go into which container. Once you have everything organized neatly then it will reduce wrinkles in the clothes and make everything easier to unpack and repack and find what you're looking for when you need it.

​-Reduce Wrinkling

​It may be unavoidable having a few wrinkles but there's a big difference between that and clothes that are a big mess. Then there are the runs in the pantyhose or even sometimes stains in the clothes but these types of things can be avoided with this packing system.

​-Put More Things In Less Space

​As well as helping you to highly organized the things you take inside your carry-on bag, you can also compress them to a degree which allows you to fit even more into your bag. In addition to the different sizes of the containers allowing you to put them into your bag like building blocks, it will mean they fit easily and nicely and allow you to get every tiny bit of space used inside your bag.

​​Space Saver Vaccum Storage Bags

This set of vacuum storage bags comes with a total of 12 different bags with three bags of each size. The smaller size measures 16 x 24 inches, medium size is 20 x 28 inches, large size is 24 x 32 inches and jumbo size is 30 x 40. You can use these to vacuum store your clothes while travelling or when you want to store your big bulky items for the season. ​


  • ​Bags for all sizes
  • ​Eliminates mold and bacteria
  • ​Includes free travel pump
  • ​Comes with lifetime replacement warranty
  • ​Double zip seal and triple sealed rubber valve

​If you're traveling and need to pack as much as possible into the smallest possible space, then these are the bags you need. The different sizes include a giant size bag that is capable of holding the biggest beach towel or super comfortable blanket. These bags come with double and triple seals that provide the most airtight bags you can get.

- These bags are on average of 80% more roomy then you'll find with other brands. They're designed so that you're able to get almost 100% of the air out of the bag. To make sure that you're able to get maximum value from these bags, there is even an air pump that's provided as part of the package.

​- Another great feature is the ability to resist mold and mildew as well as being watertight. These features make it ideal for travel packing as well as long-term storage.

​The combination of great pricing along with the highest quality product makes this the perfect choice. It is rare to find all of these features included together.

Tour Pal's Packing Cubes

​- It comes with Four Packing Cubes Plus Laundry Bag.

This set of packing cubes is made from Techlite Diamond nylon which is known to be durable, strong and water resistant. These packing cubes also feature a nylon handle for each bag. The mesh top makes it easy to check the contents inside and also provides necessary ventilation. The package also includes a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean clothes.


  • ​4 quality lightweight cubes
  • ​Mesh design is collapsible
  • ​High-Quality premium zippers
  • ​Nylon handle for each bag
  • ​Includes a laundry bag
  • ​Available in many different colors

​The Tour Pal ​Packing Cubes is exactly what you need if you've been struggling to get all you want to bring packed into your luggage.  These cubes are specifically designed to allow you to pack more in less space. It also eliminates many of the problems you have likely encountered when trying to do so using other methods. These different size cubes allow you to put your different types of clothes such as nightwear into one container and your day wear into another as well as a container for accessories, socks and so on. There is even a laundry bag so that you can keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones.

​- Having this system will allow you to indulge yourself and bring most anything that you want. You no longer have to pick and choose and ultimately leave something home that you wanted to take. We've all had that feeling of leaving something behind and then when we arrived it's just the thing that we need.

​- Other issues that many of us have encountered when traveling are zippers. These cubes have quality two-way zippers. This is something that simply won't happen with these cubes. They work smoothly when zipping and unzipping the bags.

- These bags are created to be breathable and collapsible by using a mesh design that makes it soft and have a collapsible structure. Because the material is breathable it gives ventilation to the clothes and helps them to remain fresh and it allows you to see directly inside the bag so you know what's there.

There really isn't any reason to go through the pains of packing the old-fashioned way. Using packing cubes or compression bags can significantly improve the results you get when preparing for travel. These items will allow you to take what you want and have them highly organized and allow your clothes to take the least amount of room possible.

The items that are reviewed above are among the best quality choices for their price that are available. This makes them something that almost anyone who is traveling can easily get and make their packing a breeze. There simply isn't a reason to continue struggling with these kinds of issues when they're so easily resolved with the items we have discussed here.

​You can choose to go with either the packing cubes or the compression bags. Some decide that using them together is the best way to get the result they are looking for. Either way that works for you is a great choice.

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