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Shelf Organizers Ideas | The Smartest Way To Organize

​Shelf Organizers Ideas

​Shelf Organizer Ideas For Your Home

Using shelf organizers in your home can help to keep your belongings organized and make them easy to access.  There are many commercial shelf organization products that are available for purchase, including open shelving, shelving with bins or cubbies, tiered shelving units, closet shelf organizers, pantry and kitchen shelf organizers, and much more.

​There are also shelf organizers that you can easily make yourself.  Some come in kits and there are also many directions available online. We will be covering both types of storage solutions in this article, along with some useful tips on how to get maximum use from your shelf organizers.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Shelf Organizers

​Shelf organizers are a very convenient and handy way to store things.  It is easy to place items on shelves and also convenient to access them - as long as your belongings are reasonably organized. However, if things end up in a jumbled mess then they can look terrible and make it very difficult to find things.  Here are some useful storage tips to help you organize your shelves.  

​For maximum storage

- Eliminate unwanted items. Get rid of anything on your shelves that either isn't useful or attractive.  Throw items away, donate them, or store them elsewhere to keep unnecessary clutter off of your shelves. Plan to go over your shelves periodically to keep them organized.

- Place items that you don't use on a regular basis on the top shelves. Things that you use more often should be placed on the lower shelves for easy access.  

- Determine where things go on your shelves and stick with the designated areas when you return an item to its shelf after using it.

- Place catch-alls such as baskets on your shelves to store small items in.

- Decant.  When you come home from the grocery store, empty items such as cereal and rice in containers and store them on your pantry or kitchen shelf organizers.

​- If you are using closed boxes or containers on your shelves for storage, use a color system so that you know which types of items are stored in the containers. For some of your shelving, you may want to use clear containers so that it is easy to see what is stored inside.

​- Place the heaviest items on the bottom shelves.  This will help to prevent shelves from toppling over and also ensure that you don't injure yourself when picking up heavy items.

​To show off your items and add interest

Shelves can add color, style, and flair to any room. 

​- Place attractive items on your open shelves to add color or interest to a room.

- Create small vignettes or group items together such as books, works of art, or colored glass bottles.

​- Pay attention to color and empty space when creating interest on an open shelf organizer.

​Shelf Organizer Ideas For Your Home

​There are many different types of shelf organizers that you can use in your home.  Fortunately, there are practically an endless number of storage solutions that are available. So no matter what your individual needs are, you are sure to be able to find a storage solution that will meet your requirements.  If you can't find an organizer to buy, you can always make your own.

​Under-The-Stairs Open Shelving

​The space under a stairwell is often wasted, but you can buy or make open shelving to place under your stairs to gain some added storage space.

​Pull-Out Kitchen Shelving

​Pull-out shelves in the kitchen make it very easy to access cooking accessories or food items.

Wire Racks With Wheels

​This type of shelving gives you much-needed storage space and is also portable. These types of shelving units are often used in kitchens for storing pots and pans and other kitchen accessories.

Tired Shelving

​This type of shelving resembles a staircase. Small ones can be used for organizing spices and other kitchen items.  They also are available for storing toys in children's rooms and other uses.   

Panty Shelf Organizers

​You can purchase shelf organizers to place inside of a pantry or cupboard to organize food and other kitchen items.

​Cubby Shelf Organizers

​Shelves with cubbies are great to use in a child's room for storing books, toys, clothes and more.

Furniture With Built-in Shelves

​Beds, desks and more often have built-in shelves, which is a great way to have furniture to use as well as the added storage space that they provide. They are especially great to use in a child's room.

​Closet Shelf Organizers For Your Bedroom

​There are many commercial shelf organization products that are available to purchase for your closets.  Before buying one, plan out your closet to ensure it is the best storage system for your needs. There are closet shelf organizers that include a series of storage boxes, ones that have cubby holes, as well as shoe organizers and more.  Organizing your closet can be tricky but there are plenty of solutions that are available for storage.


​One of the simplest shelf organizers is just your basic bookcase. Remember that a bookcase can be used for storing items other than books, including toys, clothes, beautiful pieces of art, office supplies, electronics, games, and much more.

​Shelf Dividers

​These are handy accessories to have to help you keep things organized on shelves.  You can use them to keep clothing and other items in their place.  There are many solutions that are available. For example, many closet organizers come with shelf dividers. They are also sold separately.

​​DIY Shelf Organizer Ideas

​Home improvement and other stores often offer DIY shelf organizer kits that you can buy, or you can find instructions in books or online to allow you to make your own shelving units.  Here are some storage ideas that you can use to make your own DIY shelf organizers.

​Open Shelving

​Open shelves are a great way to show off your items and provide you with easy access to your belongings.  There are many simple open shelving units that you can either purchase and or that make an easy DIY project.  Then just mount them to the wall and follow our organization tips above.

​Ladder Shelf

​A portable shelving system can be built that is in the shape of a ladder where the base is larger and it continues to narrow to the top.  This type of shelf organizer can work well under a flight of stairs, for bathroom storage, or any room in your house.

​Industrial Shelves

​For a modern look, you can build your own industrial shelf organizer by using boards and chains to provide you with added storage.  This type of shelving could work very well in your garage.

​Lighted Wall Shelves

​Add built-in lighting to your shelves to showcase collectibles, art, books, kitchen accessories, and more.

​Modular Stacking Shelves

​Use hollow-core doors and boxes to build a stylish shelf organizer to suit the dimensions of your space.

​Pipe-Frame Wall Shelves

​Use boards and pipes to make a trendy and sturdy tiered shelving system.

​Built-in Kitchen Shelf Organizers

​Built-in shelves provide much needed open storage in your kitchen.  They can also come in handy in bedrooms and other rooms in your house.

​As you can see, the number of shelf organizer ideas are practically endless. There are so many flexible and convenient storage solutions that are available to you to help keep your items easily accessible and organized.  Be sure to take full advantage of these simple storage solutions to help keep your house neat and tidy.


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