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Shoe Organizers Ideas | The Smartest Way To Organize

Shoe Organizer Ideas

​Creative Shoe Organizer Ideas

​Keeping your shoes organized can be very challenging, especially if you and everyone in your family has a lot of them.  They can start to take over the entire house if you are not careful, and end up in a jumbled mess on the floors of your closets, entryways, and even in the middle of the room.  In this article, we will be discussing the top shoe organizer ideas to help you keep your shoes neat and organized.  We will address challenging situations such as storing shoes in small spaces, how to maximize shoe storage in your closets, and DIY shoe storage projects that you can create on your own.  

​Shoe Organizer Ideas For Small Spaces

​If you love shoes but have a limited amount of space, then it can be difficult to find enough storage space for your shoes and keep them organized.  As you keep acquiring new shoes they can end up taking over your entire house.  Here are some the best and creative shoe organizer ideas for small spaces.

​Hang Tension Roads

​Hang one rod in front of the other one, and slightly lower. That way you can hook the heel of one shoe over the one above it, and then place the sole of the show on the lower bar for added stability.  Also, as long as the tension rod is placed high enough you still will have enough floor space for more shoes below.

​Hang Baskets For Shoe Storage

​Another great space-saving idea is to toss your slippers and sneakers into a woven basket to help keep things neat and tidy.  

​Hang Boots and Shoes

​Place S-hooks on your closet rod and hang high heels and strappy sandals off of the rod.  You can also hand pairs of boots on hangers with clips to keep them organized and together.  To protect the boot's leather, you can add foam in between the boot and clip to eliminate the possibility of leaving dents or marks. 

​Use Moldings

​If you happen to have some empty wall space you can buy some inexpensive trim from a home improvement center and then mount the molding on the wall to make rows to hang shoes from.  The molding can either be painted in a contrasting color or the same color as the wall, depending on what kind of decorative touch you are looking for.   

​Floating Shelves

​If you have some wall space you can use floating shelves for storing your sneakers and shoes.  Some of the shelves can also be used for storing other items, like books or jewelry.

​Storage Ottoman

​Store shoes inside of an ottoman. That will give you a place to store your shoes while you relax and put your feet up!

​Under The Bed Shoe Storage

Another clever place to store your shoes is underneath the bed.  Get plastic storage containers that slide out easily, so that your shoes are easily accessible.

​As you can see the ideas for storing and organizing your shoes are practically endless.  Whether you are looking for an inexpensive commercial solution or prefer your own creative DIY project to express your personal style, there are plenty of creative shoe organizer ideas to help ensure that your shoes are stay organized in an effective and satisfying way so that you don't have to spend all of your valuable time trying to hunt down the lost mate to the pair of shoes you want to wear.  It will also ensure that your shoes do not get damaged and keep them looking their best.

​Use a Bookshelf

​What's great about bookshelves is you can use them to store almost anything, including shoes!  So if you have any empty wall space, find or make a bookshelf and use it to store shoes on.  You can put it in a bedroom, next to the front door or anyplace where you have free wall space.

​Under the Stairs Shoe Rack

​The area under the stairs is often space that goes to waste.  Why not add a shoe rack to the area to keep the family's shoes from cluttering up your entryway?

​Use An Over The Door Shoe Organizer

​This type of shoe organizer is a great space saver.  Over the door shoe organizers are available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations.  They also come in a wide range of materials and styles, ranging from basic plastic cubes to metal shelves to give a chic modern look.  You can find over the door shoe organizers and hanging shoe organizers at big box stores like Ikea, Target, and Walmart, home improvement stores and online at retailers such as Amazon.

Shoe Organizer Ideas For Closets 

Without good organization, your shoes can easily end up as a big jumbled mess on the floor of your closet.  Even if you manage to find one shoe, finding its matching pair could be a challenge.

And what if you have a small closet to contend with?  If you do you might want to avoid using the old standbys of shoe carousels, racks, and boxes that can take up a lot of valuable space.  Instead, focus on custom arrangements of shoe shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and shelves to maximize use of the limited space that you have available.  

​The following are some of the top ways to store and organize your shoes in a closet. 

​Use Adjustable, Custom Shoe Shelves

​Adjustable, custom-designed shelving allows you to fully maximize your available storage space, even when your closet is small.  These shelves can be easily customized to perfectly fit the height of boots, heels, flats and everything in between.

​Use Wall Space For Your Shoes

​Hang your closet rod lower and store your shoes on the walls above them.

​Ditch The Shoe Boxes

​They make it hard to find what you are looking for and take up valuable space.

​Prioritize Your Storage

​Adjustable shoe shelves and a custom layout will really help to maximize your shoe storage space, but if you still need more consider folding some of your clothing and storing them in a dresser or placing them on shelves rather than hanging them up to free up more space.

DIY Shoe Organizer Ideas

​Although there are many commercial shoe organizer products that are available, you may want to take on a DIY project to show off your shoes and creativity.  You can even save some money along the way.  There are many clever and creative ways to organize and store your shoes and express your creativity and express your creativity and personal style at the same time.  The following are some creative DIY shoe organizer ideas for you to consider.

​Suspend Wire Hangers

​Place hangers in the corner of a bedroom or on the back of a closet door. This is a great storage solution for lightweight shoes such as flats, sandals, and flip-flops.

​Make PVC Pipe Cubbies

​This is a simple DIY project that will give you storage space for your shoes in no time. Just have PVC pipe cut to size to make storage cubbies for your shoes.  All you need to do is glue the pieces together.

DIY Boot Rack

​You can make a basic boot rack by taking a couple of boards and attaching pegs to them. Then just place the boots over the pegs.  You can place your boot rack in the garage, mudroom, or on the porch to store your wet boots to keep them off the floors of your home.

​Wire Baskets

​Using hanging wire baskets to store your shoes is a very clever idea.  It can also look quite modern and chic.

​Dollar Store Baskets

​For a very inexpensive solution, you can buy cheap plastic baskets or tubs for storing shoes in.  They are ideal for walk-in closets or garages.

​Copper Piping Shoe Rack

​Make a shoe rack out of copper piping for a sleek, modern look.  It can give you a very functional but also stylish place to store your shoes.

​Wooden Crate Shoe Rack

​You can make a farm-style shoe rack out of old wooden crates.  A rustic shoe rack gives you a very functional and stylish way to store your shoes and keep your entryway organized. Just use as many crates as you need for storing your shoes.

​Skateboard Shelves

​This is a great storage solution for your children's shoes. Just mount old skateboards on the wall and store your kids' shoes on them.

​Tension Rod Shoe Rack

​A tension rod is a simple solution for storing shoes. They are perfect for organizing your high heels. Simply hang the heel over the rod.

​Wood Peg Rack

​This type of rack is perfect for hanging shoes on, especially children's shoes.

​Magazine Holder Shoe Rack

​Use a magazine holder for storing your shoes. This is a clever solution that works well in awkward space such as the unused space behind the door. It is an affordable and easy DIY project.

​Wire Mesh Utility Rack

​Who says utility racks can only be used in the kitchen?  These can make perfect shoe storage solutions, especially out in the garage or in a mudroom.


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