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Toy Organizers Tips | The Smartest Way To Organize

​Toy Organizers ​Tips

​Toy Organizers ​Tips For Your Home 

​If you have children, then your house, garage, and yard are most likely full of toys.  Unless they are well-organized, toys can easily get out of hand, and before you know it you are stepping on logos and tripping over a skateboard.  Here are some helpful toy organizers ideas to help you manage and organize your children's toys.

Tips For How To Manage And Organize Your Children's Toys

Take stock, de-clutter and donate

​Every couple of months, go over your children's toys with them and decide which ones are not being played with any longer.  Give away toys to neighbors or friends or donate them to your favorite charity.  Make sure your children are involved in this process and don't simply take toys away from them.  Make it a fun project for the entire family.

​Don't overwhelm your kids with too many toys at once

​The more toys that children receive at one time the less they will be able to appreciate them.  Your house will end up cluttered and your kids won't even know what toys they have.

​Have a ​Designated ​Toy ​Bin

​Have one area that is designated for toys and have appropriate storage for them.  That could be a toy chest, basket, bookshelf, bins.  We will be covering various organizational options later in the article.  The key here is to set up a designated area(s) for toys.  When the toy chest gets too full, that's a hint that your kids are starting to accumulate too many toys and that's it time to go through them.

​Include ​Your ​Children ​In ​The ​Cleanup ​Process

​Make sure to involve your children in the cleanup and organizing of their toys.  Have them help you decide where their toys should go and establish rules for cleaning up.  If toys are not put away properly, have consequences for that.    

House Toy Organizers Ideas

​Your children's bedrooms - and the entire house for that matter - can become completely overrun with toys if you don't keep things organized.  Here are some useful ideas to help you do just that.

​Bins and Baskets

​Seriously, bins and baskets are your best friend when it comes to storing kids toys. They make it easy for your children to access their toys and put them back when they are done playing.  Bins with lids are great for keeping everything in their place and baskets and smaller bins have the advantage of being portable.  Stacking bins are like miniature dressers or filing cabinets that can be purchased very inexpensively at home improvement and department stores.   

​Cube Shelves

​This is another toy storage staple.  Cube-style shelves are very versatile and can be used to store and organize all types of toys, games, books and other personal items.  This type of shelving is widely available in many stores and comes in different shapes and sizes.  

​Use A Hanging Clothes Organizer For Storing Board Games

​Instead of using valuable closet space for storing board games, use the cube areas in hanging clothes organizers for storing your games.  You can hang them in your child's closet for easy access.  

​Under The Bed Storage

​If you are short on space, under the bed storage boxes or a bed with built-in storage can be a real lifesaver.  You can either buy storage drawers with wheels or make your own.  You might also want to consider purchasing a bed that has drawers on the base of the bed for added storage.  You can store seasonal clothes, books, toys and more this way.

​Toy Desk

​Another piece of furniture that can double as storage is a child's desk.  The drawers can be used to store crayons and other art and crafts supplies and even small toys.

​Hanging Mesh Storage Bags

​These storage bags are sturdy yet very lightweight and can be used to store a variety of lightweight toys including dolls, stuffed animals, balls, and other smaller toys. You can hang the mess bags on hooks or over door knobs for easy access.

​Clear Plastic Storage Boxes and Bags

​You can use clear storage boxes and bags of various sizes and shapes to store all kinds of toys.  The big advantage is your child will be able to see what is inside to easily find what they are looking for.  The other advantage is you can get them in whatever sizes you need to suit your needs.

Creative Toy Organizers ​Tips

​Here are a few creative and inexpensive ways to organize toys by repurposing items to use for storing and organizing your children's toys.

​Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

​An over-the-door shoe rack is a great way to organize and store toys in a very efficient and space-saving way.  The narrow yet deep pockets are great for storing small toys such as matchbox cars, Legos, action figures, and Barbie dolls, and small accessories. Choose a rack that has clear, plastic pockets.  That way your children will be able to see what is inside of the rack. They can also be mounted to a wall in your child's bedroom in addition to going over the closet door.   

​Canvas Shopping Bags

​For very lightweight and inexpensive storage, install hooks on a wall and then hang canvas shopping bags on the hooks to use for storing toys. Label the bags and designate them for certain toys such as blocks or action figures.

​Toy Wagon

​A toy wagon can be used for storing toys or be used as a book cart on wheels.

​Magnetic Knife Rack 

​You can use a magnetic knife rack to store matchbox cars.  Just glue a magnet on the back of each car and they can then be attached to the magnetic rack instead of knives.

​Hanging Baskets

​Use a three-tiered vegetable and fruit basket for storing shower accessories and bath toys in the shower.  You can easily hang from the shower curtain rod.  Or add a hook in the shower and hang it from there.

Outdoor Toy Organizers ​Ideas

​Now that you have toys under control in the house don't forget about all of the outdoor toys!  Here are some organizational tips you can use for storing toys in the garage or a storage shed.  

​Toy Parking Lot

​Are you constantly tripping over your kids' trikes and bikes?  Make a designated parking area.  You can use chalk or tape and have all of the bikes and trikes parked in their designated spots.  Add each child's name to their spot to personalize things even further.  Bikes can also be hung on racks on the wall of your garage.  

​Pegboard Storage

​Hanging up a pegboard on a garage wall is a very flexible and space-saving way to store toys.  You can hang toys from pegs and also add wire trays.  They are great for storing sports equipment, pool and yard toys, and more.  As your storage needs change you can re-arrange hooks or add more wire shelving, so they are a fantastic way to store toys.  

​Shelves With Bins Or Caddies

​Add shelves to part of your garage or shed and then placed bins or caddies on the shelves for storing toys in.  You can also use this technique for storing Dad's tools!

​Rolling Storage Cart

​These carts are perfect for sports equipment and yard toys.  Roll them to wherever the kids are playing.  It will make cleanup nice and easy, along with it being a very convenient way to organize a large number of toys.

​As you can see there are many useful and creative ways for managing and organizing your children's toys.  For best results, make sure that your children are involved in the process - from planning to clean up.  Enjoy your well-organized home!

Additional Toy Organizer Ideas

​Label Everything

​Labels are cheap. If you do not want to spend money on premium labels, you can get creative and make multi-colored labels on your own. Use these labels on drawers, on your closet, on the storage bins, on baskets, on everything. It will not only keep things organized but you can also inculcate the habit of organizing things in your kids, right from their childhood. Maybe color code the labels to teach your kids about keeping different types of toys in the designated bins.

​Toy Organizer Bin on Wheels

You have wheels on chairs, tables and on certain appliances but why not on your toy organizers. This idea is so simple that most people are surprised, why didn't they think of it first. Take some caster wheels and put them on bins. You have now created your very own bins on wheels.

​It's extremely easy for children to carry these bins around with them which means they will find it easy to organize their toys whenever they are done playing with them. It will not only make it easy for your kids to store toys but they can also take it along outside whenever they are playing with their friends.

​Mark Separate Bins for Outdoor Toys

​If your kids have outdoor toys, the best way to get these toys organized is to have separate bins clearly marked outside your home. If possible, place the bins or baskets or buckets on a separate rack outside that will take the weight of the toys. Take a few stickers and stick them on to the bins or buckets or whatever you want to use. It will keep the toys organized and you can tell your kids to put the right toys in the designated baskets whenever they are done playing.

Organizing Toy Cars

When you have a lot of toy cars in your home, you will inevitably end up stepping up on a few of them every day unless you find a way to keep those organized. Stepping on these toy cars can be worse than stepping on Legos.  Today's your lucky day. Here is the solution to your toy car woes.

​The best way to keep the toy cars away from your feet and well organized is to create a wall garage for these cars. You can also turn a used shoe rack into this wall garage. It will not only look cute but your kids will also find it convenient to have a separate parking space for the toy cars. Plan the height carefully and ensure that the wall garage will bear the weight of all the toy cars.

​Plastic Storage Drawers

Organizing toys doesn't have to be expensive. Thankfully, cheap plastic storage drawers are available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. You can buy as many as you want or as many as you can fit in your home. Mark these drawers and you have an instant toy organizer.

​Carefully consider the toys you are going to store in these plastic rods in order to choose the right size. Do not buy boxes that are too big as generally these result in a lot of wasted space and kids find it difficult to get the toys out.

​Personalized Toy Boxes

Want to involve your children in organizing toys? If you have tried everything and still haven't been successful, here is the solution you have been waiting for. Marketers have been selling through personalized messages for years simply because it works, and it's going to work on your kids too. You don't need to do much to create personalized storage boxes for your kids. Put their name on it or better ask them to put their own name on it. It will create a connection and it will be fun for them to keep their own box well organized.

​If they do not want to put their name on it, may be cover it with signs of their favorite superheroes such as Superman, Spider man or any other superhero they like.

​Doll Closet

​Too many dolls and doll clothes lying around in your home! One of the ways to organize dolls and doll clothes is to create a separate doll closet for your kids. If you have an old bookshelf lying around, it can be easily converted into an open closet for organizing and storing doll clothes and dolls.

​Bed Sling

​You can attach a simple mesh sling to the bed. It will allow your child to easily stash the little toys they always want to keep around. For instance, they can easily put a book or their favorite stuffed animal or some other plush toys in the sling. These do not have a lot of storage space but they make great use of a normally unused area.

​Over-The-Door Organizer

​Don't want to spend too much money on a toy organizer? Here is the ideal solution in the form of an over-the-door organizer. Several options are available at an affordable price. It not only makes for a great organizer but your kids will also have fun putting their toys in and taking them out of this organizer.


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